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Sachs 504-1C Moped Engine
Sachs 504-1C Moped Engine

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Our Price: $399.00

Stock Status:In Stock
Product Code: C006096

Cleaning and Polishing

(u) Clean carb internally and externally prior to shipping and pre-adjust settings [Add $20.00]
Used Engine Options

(a) Ships without air box or filter assy [Subtract -$8.00]If you have an existing air box or plan on using a different air filter on this engine, we can remove it prior to shipping and credit your purchase amount

(b) Ships without carburetor [Subtract -$25.00]

(a) Ships without flywheel cover [Subtract -$5.00]If you already have or are planning on running your moped without the cover or you have a good existing one, you can choose to not have it shipped with the engine

(a) Ships without Front Sprocket [Subtract -$4.00]If you don't need the front sprocket we can remove it and credit your purchase prior to shipping

(a) Ships without the ignition or flywheel [Subtract -$30.00]If you plan on using your current ignition and flywheel or you plan on converting to a CDI type of ignition, you can purchase this engine with the magneto removed. (points, stator, generator coils, condenser and flywheel.

(a) Ships without top end [Subtract -$35.00]If you plan on kitting the engine you can have it shipped to you without the piston, head or cylinder

Complete and very low mileage (approx 50 miles) rebuilt and running vintage 504-1C Sachs 49cc 2 stroke moped engine from a 1978 Sachs Westlake. Rebuild included new bearings and seals as well as new rings. This "bolt-in-and-go" 30+ mph engine will fit all Sachs Westlake mopeds as well as other mopeds that used the 504 Sachs engine. The engine is complete with already installed OEM Bing carb, air filter, Bosch magneto, decompression valve with cable already attached and clutch assembly. This engine is timed and tuned but you may need to re-jet the carb depending on your exhaust pipe type and condition. If you are using a stock exhaust, you may need #50- #58 square Bing carb jets todial in the tuning. Sachs single speed engines were available in two main designs, the 504 and the 505 series. The 505 has the pedal shaft built into the engine and only uses a single drive chain for the engine. The 504 series engine require an external pedal shaft that is built into the frame. These engines have two chains, one for the pedal sprockets and one for the drive sprockets. The "C" part of the engine series represents the 30 mph cylinder assembly in lieu of the much more common "A" 25 mph top end.

Please note before purchasing: This is a used engine and is being offered without any kind of guarantee or warranty.

We have tried to provide the most accurate and descriptive information available at the time of posting. All used engines are inspected by us to help ensure that you receive a quality used engine but we can not be 100% certain of the engine internals, bearings, seal, gaskets, rings, bushings, clutch surfaces, etc. If we state the engine came off a running moped, it means that the engine started, idled, and propelled the rear wheel without noticeable or obvious mechanical issues.

Engines are inspected for:

  • Damaged cylinder walls, gouged piston surfaces and broken rings
  • Connecting rod vertical play
  • Crankshaft lateral and vertical play
  • Crack, damaged or altered cases
  • Transmission play and friction
Other components when included like carbs, clutches, variators, magnetos and ignition have also been visually inspected but are also offered without implied guarantee or warranty