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Universal Ignition Condenser Tester Kit
Universal Ignition Condenser Tester Kit

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When a condenser goes bad, the engine will backfire and it will have a noticeable misfire while running or attempting to start. The condenser gives the current a place to go when the points are in the open position. It holds the energy briefly until the points are closed again and then releases it back into the circuit where it flows through the points until they open again. If the condenser goes bad and loses its ability to store the energy, the current jumps across the points in the open position which causes the ignition to fire erratically, resulting in backfiring. The condenser is most often located within the magneto on or near the stator plate, but there is no need to remove the flywheel to test for a faulty condenser.

The easiest way to test whether or not a condenser is working is to add another one to the ignition circuit somewhere. Attach the test condenser by removing the ignition wire from the HT coil and attaching the wire of the test condenser with the splitter terminal connector. Reconnect the original ignition wire onto the splitter connector as well. Attach the other wire of the test condenser to a ground.

This tester condenser kit works with most all vintage point style ignitions found on motorcycles and mopeds and comes complete with instructions