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Carb Float Needle Seat Polishing Kit
Carb Float Needle Seat Polishing Kit

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Float Needle Seat Polishing Kit with Self-Forming Polishers

Leaky carbs on vintage mopeds and motorcycles are a messy nuisance and it is nearly impossible to properly tune an engine until the leak is addressed. New gaskets and a new float needle will not help fix the leak if any kind of corrosion or imperfection exists in the brass float needle seat. Even microscopic scratches close to the opening can prevent the rubber tipped needle valve from sealing properly.

Sunday Morning Motors has developed a polishing kit that cleans, polishes and restores the brass seat back to like-new condition to stop fuel from over-filling the bowl. Each kit includes a special pumice and ammonia polishing compound, reusable applicator syringe, 1 bristle brush and 6 unique felt polishers that self-form to the exact shape of the seat opening. The polishers are designed to be used with or without a cordless drill and the whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

In addition to the polishing kit, you will need an aerosol can of carb cleaner and some compressed air to remove any polishing compound residue before reassembling the carb. If you plan on cleaning the outside of the carb as well, you should also have some small stiff bristle brushes. Step by Step instructions included.

*Please note that float needle seats on Encarwi and Guertner carbs may be too narrow to accommodate the polishers and the tips may need to be trimmed before using